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The Boom Box Bros are 2 MC's and 1 DJ. These 3 friends from Northern Arizona joined forces to bring the fun back to hip hop. The MC duo consisting of Colin ".smallz." Haviland and Kris "Mic Hogg" Hogge was a long time in the making. These two have shared freestyle cyphers on and off the stage since they first met in 2005 outside of a bar in Flagstaff, AZ. Both rappers had been performing side by side for years but it wasn't until late 2013 that they formed the Boom Box Bros. Now, hot bars are key, but the Bros’ awesome sound wouldn’t be complete without sick beats, and that's where DJ 001 comes in. DJ 001; the main man in charge of production for the BBB. Rooted in classic rock and gospel music, Justin "001" Stump brings a unique blend of funky jazz and classical music training to a timeless boom bap formula. Creating a new sound altogether. The Bros are known for witty lines and clean production as well as a strong vibrant live show that showcases the essential raw elements of hip hop. These boys are involved in what they love and keep doing what they do to keep the culture alive.

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